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Medical Malpractice Litigation in Northern New Jersey

At Breslin & Breslin in Hackensack, our attorneys advise and represent people with negligence claims against doctors, nurses, pharmacies and hospitals. If you suspect that medical malpractice might have been responsible for the death or disability of someone in your family, contact our office for a free consultation and analysis of your potential claims.
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Medical malpractice is one of the more challenging categories of personal injury litigation. You not only need to show through expert testimony that a member of your medical team departed from a recognized standard of care, but also that the negligent error was an important cause of the injury or death.

Even before your legal complaint is filed with the court, it will be necessary to consult with medical experts to see whether they can provide the certificate of merit required to support your claim.

We represent people in Bergen County and northern New Jersey on medical malpractice claims such as the following:
* Negligent failure to diagnose cancer, heart disease or stroke
* Misdiagnosis of fractures
* Surgical errors
* Nursing or hospital negligence
* Emergency room errors
* Medication errors
* Birth injuries
* Eye surgery negligence in such procedures as LASIK or LASEK

For a free consultation about your right to damages in cases of medical malpractice in northern New Jersey, contact an experienced attorney at Breslin & Breslin in Hackensack.

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